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uman emotions and states of mind inspire me,



I love transforming them into sonic landscapes and music..."


My name is Frida Feline Nilsen (b 1995), I am a composer and audiovisual artist based in Stavanger, Norway. I run and administer "Aural Art Productions", a independent company specialising in audio-visual soundscapes and music that aims to take the listener on a journey into the emotions. 


I moved to the UK in 2015 and graduated from Academy of Contemporary Music in 2017 with a BA in Electronic Music Production. I also completed a one year study program in music production and recording technique at the Faculty of Performing Arts in my hometown Stavanger. 

I have chosen music and film as my way of expression because I feel this is the best platform to process emotions as well as shedding light on important themes.


My music compositions and soundscapes consist of both electronic and acoustic arrangements, often combined. The works I make range from dark and ambient to dreamy and adventurous. I view my music compositions as a kind of diary where I can relive old memories, periods of my life or explore other people's complicated states of mind.


I am particularly interested in writing music for film because the composer have a great impact on the audiences emotions. Music can intensify a scene, establish a specific mood and give the spectator clues and character insights. Human emotions inspire me, and I love transforming them into sonic landscapes so that the listener can experience an aural representation of special emotions. 

CV available upon request. 


Photo by: Mikkel Brekne Munkvold / Foton4Film