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uman emotions and states of mind inspire me,



I love transforming them into sonic landscapes, music and film..."

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My name is Frida Feline Nilsen, I am a audiovisual artist from Stavanger, Norway with a sound studio at Tou Scene. I run and administer Aural Art Productions, a independent company focusing on creating audio-visual content such as soundscapes, music and art short films. My studio is at Tou Scene. 

I have chosen music and film as my way of expression because I feel this is the best platform to process emotions as well as shedding light on important topics. The works I make range from dark and ambient to dreamy and adventurous. 


I moved to the UK in 2015 and graduated from Academy of Contemporary Music with a BA in Electronic Music Production as a straight-A student. I also completed a one year study program in music production and recording technique at the Faculty of Performing Arts in Stavanger as a straight-A student. I've also completed studies in filmscoring at Berklee Online as a Straight-A student.

CV available upon request. 

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Self-portrait in St.Petri church