I have chosen music and film as my way of expression because I feel

this is the best platform to process emotions as well as shedding light on important themes.


My music compositions and soundscapes consist of both electronic and acoustic arrangements, often combined. The works I make range from dark and ambient to dreamy and adventurous.


I view my music compositions as a kind of diary where I can relive old memories, periods of my life or explore other people's complicated states of mind.


I am particularly fond of cinematic music because when composing music for film, the composer can completely change the mood of a scene. I find it very fascinating to convey different emotions to the spectator through the use of memorable melodies, leitmotifs, harmonies, arrangement, instrumentation, dynamics, contrasts and so on.


I think my music is very visual, which is why it became natural for me to start exploring making films that could accompany my own music. 


If you wish to get in touch with Aural Art Productions or inquire about collaborations, you are more than welcome. For further information and material please feel free to ask in English or Norwegian.


Stavanger, Norway

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