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27 year old Thea is in a psychiatric hospital. She can't distinguish between reality and fantasy. She's living out a nightmare, has lost herself and also her will to live.

Director, Producer and writer: Frida Feline Nilsen

Director of photography: Rebekka Torgersen

SFX/Co-Producer: Michael Wallin

Music producer/composer: Frida Feline Nilsen

Vocals: Magdalena Poblocka

Illustration: Francesca Da Sacco


6,5 minutes experimental art short film, 2020


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The invasion of cruise ships who pollutes the city of Stavanger, Norway.

Directed and produced by: Frida Feline, Rebekka Torgersen

Cinematographer: Rebekka Torgersen

Soundscape by: Frida Feline Nilsen

Experimental, Norway, 2019
02:08 min


22. Falafel Pita (1 minute short)

22. Falafel Pita (1 minute short)

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This assignment consisted of making a one-minute short film during 48 hours on the theme "A meal". Our contribution won the contest.


Director: Sofie B. Løvereide

Director of photography: Rebekka Torgersen

Composer and costume: Frida Feline Nilsen


1 minute short film. 


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