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These 3 nordic soundscapes I composed for Marit Singelstads fractal art project.

Soundscape composed & produced by Frida Feline Nilsen​

Mastering engineer: Barry Grint, Alchemy Mastering

Client: Marit Singelstad,

We are now in a period where technology has taken a big leap, and it is left to the imagination to figure out how it will develop further. This is something that has left traces in me and therefore I chose to compose a song dedicated to a retro futuristic society.

English Lyrics written - Steffen Wallace
French Lyrics/Vocals - Frida Feline
Mastering Engineer - Professor Stretch

Soundscape composed, performed and produced  - Frida Feline Nilsen

I composed this particular soundscape with a feeling of emptiness. I was inspired by how infinite and tremendously large the universe is. I wanted to reveal through this instrumental piece the feeling of feeling small in a universe so large.

Composer and produced by Frida Feline Nilsen

Violin performed by Gabriel Demko

This electronic excerpt represents the feeling of surrendering to sadness and sorrow.

Allowing yourself to let the tears fall is a great way to get rid of energy that has been stuck or suppressed for a long time. When in this state of mind, reality can often be perceived as slow, the breath can be experienced as difficult to control..

I recommend headphones for this soundscape as I believe it will give a more personal experience. Much love!

Composed and produced by Frida Feline Nilsen

This is the soundscape of an experimental shortfilm that I directed together with Rebekka Torgersen. The film takes on the topic of the invasion of cruise ships in Stavanger, Norway, and the pollution it creates. 

Soundscape produced by Frida Feline Nilsen

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