I offer services as a composer/arranger/producer for musical genres of all kinds. The music I write covers a variety of styles, and I am familiar with a broad range of techniques. Above all, I love creating music and sonic landscapes. The list below shows the variety of styles of music compositions I can contribute with. 



Soundscape composition

A soundscape composition is a combination of sounds that sonically represent a specific environment, location and/or culture. It can act as a guide to help the listener/viewer identify time, place and space.



A soundtrack is music that synchronises and accompanies various scenes, moods and actions in motion picture, television shows, books and video games etc…



A leitmotif is a short, recurring melodic representation of specific characters, often used in movies, television series and operas. Some of the leitmotifs many functions are to strengthen the dramatic development in a story and give psychological insight into a character, location, object or idea.

Commercial music composition

This is a broad and important field that essentially has to do with writing music for commercial purposes, such as television shows, short melodies and jingles for advertisements and video games. 

Music for museums & exhibitions

Where art and music meets. 

Electronic music composition

Electronic music consists of electronic musical instruments such as synthesizers, drum machines, electric guitars, synth pad sounds, sound effects etc…

Orchestral music composition

Orchestral music compositions consist of classical instrumentations such as for example acoustic violin, cello, accordion, guitar, piano, contrabass, flute etc…


A combination of electronic and orchestral/acoustic composition

Mixing electronic elements with acoustic elements can result in new and exciting soundscapes. This is often my favourite route to explore as a composer because then I get the chance to interact with both machines and musicians.