Composed, edited and mixed by Frida Feline Nilsen

Violin solo improvisation by Gabriel Demko


Giuseppe Di · Pinto

Piano Iida Alina Poijärvi · Cello

Pernille Svendsen · Solo Violin

Nadia Hayes Skånseng · Violin

Elin Kleppa Michaelsen ·

Violin Daryna Lishchenko · Viola

Lidia Sanchez Nieves Plana · Viola

Producer / Mentor · Kathrine Handford

Executive Producer / Artistic Director · Frida Feline Nilsen

Recording Engineer · Jean K. Maroun

Mastering Engineer · Barry Grint, Alchemy Mastering

Director of Photography · Lars Rune Høgemark

Edited by: Frida Feline Nilsen

Composer: Frida Feline Nilsen


Piano: Milkica Radovanović

Violin: G.A

Harp: Diána Emese Gál

Synthesizer: Frida Feline Nilsen (post)

Recording Engineer: Serhat Şahin

Mastering Engineer: Barry Grint, Alchemy Mastering

Cinematographer: Rebekka Torgersen

Mixed, edited and produced by Frida Feline Nilsen


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Stavanger, Norway

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