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(Melodic sketches - work in progress)

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to compose music on the grand piano in St.Petri Church, in my hometown Stavanger during Covid-19. My goal is to create several pieces of emotional, cinematic, vulnerable music, which can later be performed in these beautiful surroundings with other musicians. I am exploring romantic nationalistic music. This improvisation in B major is from my 3rd rehearsal. 

A melodic sketch from yesterday's composing day in St.Petri. This motif needs a lof of work as you can hear, but I think the melody itself has potential. 

A new romantic-nationalistic melodic sketch from yesterday's composing day in St.Petri. I imagine this piece could also be arranged for viola and harp. The nature landscapes I captured with my fujii camera, just for fun, so that also comes with charming imperfections

Improvisation of my composition, Temperance It's been a long time since I've played this.

This composition is inspired by overwhelming emotions such as anger, melancholy, pride and sadness. After processing my emotions this way I was 100% calm in my mind again

Work in progress from today´s studio session. I have not mixed the vocals I recorded yet, only added some MPX Reverb.

B major improvisation (virtual harp)

B major improvisation (virtual harp)

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This is an emotional improvisation in B Major with the Kontakt virtual harp. To me it reflects a combination of harmony and sadness.