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Dapdune Road offers a compelling journey through dark, electronic, synth-based music.

Music producer - Frida Feline
Mastering Engineer - Barry Grint - Alchemy Mastering 

The Music Machine offers a blend of dark and experimental music, featuring primarily synthesizers, drones, vocals, bass lines, and rhythmic elements.

Vocalist and Lyrics - Magdalena Poblocka

Music composed, arranged and produced - Frida Feline
Mastering Engineer - Barry Grint / Alchemy Mastering 

Floating City consists of drones, boat sounds, metallic hits from containers, horns in various pitches, and bass. It`s an experimental soundscape.

Directors: Rebekka Torgersen and Frida Feline

Sound Designer - Frida Feline

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Lotterleben, consists of 100% electronic music with playful, contemporary and energetic melodies and beats. 

Composer and Sound Designer - Frida Feline

The music for this shortfilm is not public yet 

Screenshot (108).png

The Intro music for the Ghost Hunters Norway series trailer sets a dramatic tone, captivating viewers from the start.

Music producer - Frida Feline
Mastering Engineer - Barry Grint - Alchemy Mastering 

This is the first piece I composed for classical instruments such as piano, strings, etc. The recording took place in a church in Guildford, England. The arrangement is minimalist, yet it carries a lovely cinematic atmosphere. 

Composer and Producer - Frida Feline

Recording Engineer - Patch Boshell

Mastering Engineer - Professor Stretch / Academy of Contemporary Music in UK. 

Musicians - Lucy Samuels: Cello,  Charliee Pegg: Violin,  Lucy Beach: Viola, David Goldberg: Violin, Gabriel Demko: Violin, Alice Jackson: Violin, Joachim Blix Magnarsson: Piano

I composed this leitmotif during my studies at the Academy of Contemporary Music. I composed this for a scene in the television series LOST, as an initial practice in writing music for visual media.

Composer and Producer - Frida Feline

Musician - Gabriel Demko - Violin. 

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